A PMA member is responsible for the specialized development and management of the careers of a specific group of artistes who have sufficient formal training and / or professional experience to enable them to work PROFESSIONALLY as performers in the entertainment industry (this may also include talented individuals who lack the relevant training and / or experience, but who in the expert opinion of the Personal Manager / Agent, have the potential to earn a living as a professional artiste).  A Personal Manager also fulfills the role of AGENT for his / her group of artistes, i.e. negotiating fees and handling relevant legal documents on behalf of the artistes, as well as ensuring that the administrative and financial sides of their careers are taken care of


  • PMA offers support for all agents within the association in all areas of being an agent and delivering the professional service to talent according to the professional standards in the industry
  • PMA agents have a say in as well as access to all the standard contracts and rates
  • PMA Agents are the preferred actors agents that professional casting directors, producers and directors use to cast their productions as the PMA members are known to represent  the top professional performers
  • PMA agents stand together to ensure that performers are not exploited. This solidarity in numbers ensures that agents all represent performers in a professional manner

Agent qualification to be a member:

  • Agent/agency needs to be in business for a minimum of a year
  • Work according to professional standards regarding contracts, commission percentages and codes of practice that is deemed to be professional according to the PMA constitution which is available through the PMA Executive 
  • Needs to be nominated by a PMA member and seconded by another PMA member to be accepted into the Association
  • The sole role of the business is as an agent representing talent and not any other conflicting business within the industry