Workshop 1: The Business of Show Business


    • Sisanda Henna
    • Althea Greenland
    • Lisa Modisane
    • Zinzi Zungu
    • Lee Duru (Project Co-ordinator/Administrator)

Event Date: 

18 September 2021

For emerging actors from an Agent's perspective

So, you’ve graduated from a tertiary acting institution, or you decided to skip the training and jump straight into the professional ranks. Now what?

Well, the biggest challenge will be in applying what you learnt in a classroom setting, to the real business of acting. Bridging that chasm is key to surviving as a freelance performer. In this author’s opinion, the most important factor is holding on to the passion you have as a student, and never letting it go.

Trust me, you will be tested on a daily basis, but if you safeguard your belief in yourself, your journey will be that much easier.


  • The role of the headshot
  • Expressing your talent and your brand
  • Formats
  • Sizes
  • Styles

Your biography

  • Crafting your resume
  • Format
  • Troubleshooting
  • Examples

Hiring an agent

  • Dynamics of the relationship
  • What does the Agent do
  • PMA affiliation
  • Changing Agencies

The art of auditioning

  • Attitude
  • Preparation

The business of YOU!

  • Administration and tax
  • Becoming a working professional
Watch the Panel Discussion
Watch the Panel Discussion